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Devon S.

Partner – Field Operations (Surveillance Specialist)

Devon joined the Ontario Public Service in 2004, as an Investigator with the Ministry of Finance, until June 2023, a total of nineteen (19) years. Following which, he joined the Ministry of Long-Term Care as a pioneer for the newly formed Investigations Unit.

At the Ministry of Finance, apart from conducting tax fraud investigations, of which, contraband tobacco investigations was his major assignment. Devon operated in various allied investigative capacities and positions, based on merit and competition. These included being an acting Senior Investigator in the Intelligence Assessment Unit (IAU) which was a leadership role, dealing with the collection and processing of data and information into dissemination of intelligence products, to support intelligence-led investigations. Devon was also the Training and Manuals Development Officer for the Investigations Unit and, in this role, he revamped the investigations training modules and these modules are currently been used for the training Ministry of Finance Investigators.   

Devon’s investigative roles focuses primarily on enforcement of various legislations, which involves leading investigation teams, surveillance operations, contraband tobacco enforcement joint-forces operations and intelligence functions. In his 20 years as an investigator, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from: interpretating and applying a plethora of legislations; conducting witness and cautioned interviews; note-taking; identifying, collecting, examining, analyzing and preserving evidence; swearing Informations/laying charges; writing Search Warrant applications, obtaining and executing Search Warrants; authoring investigation reports and preparing Crown Brief packages; testifying as a Crown Witness during court proceedings; and more. 

Devon has held various positions in government and industry. In government, he worked in tax administration as a Senior Tax Auditor and Director of Audit Quality Review and Objections. In industry, he worked as a Night Auditor, Profit Recovery Auditor and Loans Processing Officer.   

In addition to his investigative roles, Devon has volunteered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) since 2014, as a member of the Discipline and Appeals Committee, and has sat on panels that adjudicated a plethora of discipline and appeal hearings. Having obtained a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the York University School of Continuing Studies, Devon volunteers with non-profit and charitable organizations where he provides training in Conflict Resolution and Leadership for youth and adults.

Devon consults on strategic litigation support, niche-specific (i.e. tobacco industry) matters, high-stake surveillance operations, and has implemented procedures, protocols, and best-practices.