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Greg C.

Partner – Security Division

With a distinguished 15-year career in law enforcement, Greg brings a wealth of experience and expertise in various facets of investigations, risk management, and security protocols. Greg’s journey in the field of policing has been marked by a deep commitment to solving complex cases and upholding the principles of justice. Greg has specialized in the following areas:

Criminal Investigations: Over the years, Greg has honed his skills in criminal investigations, delving into a wide array of criminal activities. His focus on understanding criminal behaviour, employing investigative techniques, and developing solid cases has been instrumental in securing convictions. Experience with Homicide investigations, Major Case Management, and Incident Management – Greg aids our corporate clientele with high-risk matters, including, cargo theft and missing persons.

Emergency Management: Greg’s commitment extends beyond investigations; he has been a vital part of emergency management teams, ensuring public safety during critical situations. Greg has developed response strategies and coordinated resources in crisis scenarios to safeguard communities. Greg leads our Security Division to establish best practices and streamlined communication between stakeholders and relevant policing services.

Sexual Offences & Drug Investigations: Greg has successfully handled cases involving sexual offences and drug-related crimes, delving into the complexities of these issues to build strong cases and contribute to community safety. As a result, Greg advises on matters involving human trafficking and organized crime for our clientele, including NGO’s.

Greg consults on criminal investigations, physical security operations, strategic litigation support, and provides guidance on navigating joint public-private sector matters.