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Mitchell Fergenbaum

Advisor – Vertical Integration, Insurance, Security & Life Safety

Designations: PhD, Queens University

Mitchell A Fergenbaum earned his Ph.D. from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario), as a part of the Queen’s Ergonomics Research Group. His research was part of the Clothe the Soldier (CTS) project, an omnibus capital project to acquire 24 items of improved equipment for Canadian soldiers, including a new load carriage system for a national project funded by Defence Research and Development Canada—Toronto.

He later worked at Sheridan College for 13 years, where he designed and taught courses for over 600 public safety students per year, in Health and Fitness, Use of Force, and Defensive Tactics, within the Police Foundations, Investigations, and Justice Studies programs. While at Sheridan, he won a prestigious contract with one of the world’s largest publishers (Pearson Education, Inc.) to create a national, college-level textbook: Health and Fitness for Law Enforcement in Canada.

In addition to academia, he earned a Private Security License from the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and a General Insurance License (“OTL”) from the Insurance Institute of Canada. As a result, he worked for a wide range of companies, from smaller boutique security companies to major national security and insurance companies, such as Barber Collin Security Services (Waterloo), Paragon Security (Toronto), Paladin Security (Etobicoke), and Desjardins Insurance (Hamilton).

As his interests expanded into computer systems, security, and cybersecurity, he earned his Microsoft Professional Certification as a Modern Desktop Administrator Associate in August 2022.

He began working with a Healthcare Technology company as a I.T. computer systems integrator, where his job focused on merging business computer systems into Canadian hospital computer systems.

Mitch advises our Physical Security Team and the Insurance Fraud Team on procedures, protocols, and best-practices. Mitch also leverages his expertise, assisting us with our remote-only vertical integration initiatives.